Child Care Locating Service

Child Care Locating Service

Finding child care is an important but challenging task. Lots of questions come to mind like how to begin finding quality care, what is the cost, what kind ofcurriculum should you look for, what safety issues do you need to be aware of, or how do you know if your child will be happy? These can be daunting questions and parents want to make the right decision.

Austin Families, Inc. offers a child care locating service designed to help families locate the type of child care most suitable to their needs. We have a database of over 2000 child care providers and we offer our services to families in a 10 county area. We can help families locate: child development centers, licensed group homes, registered family homes, parent’s day out programs, on-site after-school care, summer camps, private schools and nanny agencies.

We offer two types of child care locating services:
1. Our Public Child Care Referral Service is available to the general public.
2. Our Corporate Child Care Referral Service is available to employers who wish to contract with us to assist their employees in finding child care, as an employee benefit.

In addition to providing customized searches, our parent counselors also provide parent education materials for parents on subjects such as tips for looking for care, quality child care indicators, how to manage waitlists, or how to check provider records.

Choosing a quality child care program will provide your child with opportunities to grow as a healthy self-confident individual. Young children can spend many hours in child care so it is important to choose a child care provider that will make your child’s time there rewarding, safe and fun.

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