If the child is crying

As a mother Babyphone has been of great help to me since it has helped me to multi-tusk by doing other chores in the house while watching the baby and it has helped my one and half year baby boy to have vivid imagination using his very own smartphone which helps in role playing.it also has learning apps and music mode with fun melodies and helps my child to sing along songs as the music plays. Colors and the touch screen helps my child to engage in role play by calling friends, family or even toys.The Babyphone also has pretend weather app, clock, calendar and which has helped my son very much in learning many things about the day. I am also planning on introducing 123s and ABCs which will help my son develop in speech.

During the day he usually plays with his babyphone while I do my work at home, being a bank manager is very tedious and adding the extra work of caring for my son alone makes it more difficult, but with the help of a baby phone i can watch after him all the time and do my work at the same time. If the baby sleeps during the day i could watch and listen to him using the new technology of babyphone, this by using video baby monitors to watch him, audio baby monitors which helps to monitor his sounds and movement monitors which help to monitor his movements.
Even when I feel to take quick nap during the day, i can do that when he is also asleep, with the help baby phone which has audio and movement monitor which will help me to know if the child is crying and has woken up. The baby phone has made it easier for me to take good care of my little boy. During the night my husband and I can sleep comfortably knowing that our son is sleeping comfortable also, this is through the help of baby phone. Before we bought the baby phone, the baby would cry sometimes without us noticing, but through the help of the baby phone Philips Avent SCD560/00, even a slight cry from him we hear and respond. I would like to urge other parents to consider the importance of baby phones and how they make work easier and even buy one for themselves, they are quite affordable.