Marriage Counseling Program

Specific comments regarding where and how their services could be of benefit to prospective FBCO applicants:
The National Institute of Marriage can provide a variety of services for prospective FBCO applicants. We can provide services ranging from a single Marriage Enrichment Conference to a City Wide Marriage Enrichment Campaign.

A City Wide Marriage Enrichment Campaign would allow NIM and the FBCO provide three different events over an eight-to-ten week period. These events consist of:

  1. A Marriage Leadership Meeting;
  2. A Marriage Training Seminar; and
  3. A six-hour (or two day) Marriage Enrichment Conference

Each event builds momentum toward the next, culminating in a high-impact event for marriages.

1. The Marriage Leadership Meeting – 8-10 weeks prior to the Marriage Enrichment Conference

This is a complimentary lunch for marriage, city, and church leaders, designed to cast the vision for inciting a revolution aimed at building, restoring and renewing marriages. At the event, leaders will receive the tools necessary to mobilize their people for upcoming events and effective follow-through with couples after the events. This luncheon generally targets 175-200 leaders (an optional evening reception can be added to allow workers who work during the day to attend). The goal is to mobilize a minimum of 100 leaders/groups to take advantage of the marriage training event(s).

2. Marriage Training Event(s) – 4-6 weeks prior to the Enrichment Event

The importance of the Marriage Training Event is to equip marriage leaders with the fundamental principles of building healthy marriages. With this knowledge and training, a community can continue to provide the tools and skills in helping relationships in need. The training is powerful yet practical, and offers the foundation of what is real and relevant if marriages today.

This is a full day, six-session, ticketed seminar by a trainer from the National Institute of Marriage. Target attendance at this seminar is 125-175, and additional full day event will be added if attendance exceeds 175.

3. The Marriage Enrichment Conference: The Promise of a Great Marriage

The information presented at the conference has been developed from years of research through our Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs. These programs have helped hundreds of couples rapidly identify and move past hidden barriers and have given them the insight to create the marriage of their dreams. During the Intensives, we have discovered several principles that we feel are foundational to a healthy and thriving marriage – and these principles will be presented at this conference.