Corporate Child Care ReferralService

Corporate Child Care ReferralService

This enhanced service is for employees of certain companies that we contract with to offer child care locating as a benefit; We contract/sub-contract with over 100 companies. If your company offers this service as a benefit, there is no fee to use this service.

Our professionally trained parent counselors can help you locate the type of care that meets your needs. Each search is customized based on: child’s age, type of care, days of week and time care is needed and location. We also check for current vacancies. (If you are going to need care in the future, we can let you know the current vacancy status for your child’s age.)

Employees receive a detailed provider profile on each matching provider. The profile includes, but is not limited to: provider’s name, address, phone, ages served, group-size/ratio, types of schedules offered, provider’s fees, pet info, scheduling comments, names of schools served for after-school care, types of activities/curriculum and other provider notes as provided from the caregiver.

Our counselors complete check-in calls about every 2-3 weeks to touch base with the family and check on the status of their search. These calls continue until the family has found care or their child care needs have been met.

To verify that your company offers this benefit, please contact your Human Resources Department.

The names you receive are intended as referrals only. We do not guarantee that you will find care, nor do we pay for your child care. The information on our database has been provided by the child care provider and we cannot guarantee the information. We do not license, endorse or recommend any provider, nor do we ensure that any provider gives quality care. You should visit several providers to determine which is best for your child.

For more information on how an employer can address their employee’s dependent care needs please go to our Employer’s/Community page to view information on the Austin Area Employers’ Collaborative. This section can provide information on creative ways to address dependent care needs such as voucher programs, job sharing, on-site/near-site care.